Hayfever, also know as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction caused by the immune system when common particles, such as dust and pollen (allergens),  get trapped in the tiny hairs and mucus that line the inside of the nose. The immune system from here goes into an “attack” mode, meaning the nasal passages become inflamed and excess mucus is produced. It does not affect everyone and spring time is normally when symptoms are most present, as this is when there is the most pollen present in the air.

Some sufferers though, have hayfever symptoms year round. This is known as perennial allergic rhinitis and is triggered by allergens such as dust mites, animal fur or hair and mould spores.

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The common symptoms of hayfever include:

  • > Sneezing
  • > Runny or blocked nose
  • > Itchy, watery eyes
  • > Itchy nose and throat

All of which can leave a person feeling tired and unwell.

Fortunately though, there are medications to help with symptom relief  which are available in a number of forms and can be purchased over the counter at Werris Creek Pharmacy.

Treatments such as nasal sprays, non-sedating antihistamines and eye drops can help to have the allergy sufferer feeling much better in no time.

For more information on these products and for lifestyle tips to help prevent and limit your hayfever symptoms, come and see our friendly pharmacist today!

It is important to read the product labels should you forget dosage instructions and always see your doctor or health-care professional if symptoms persist.